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LEDs light 1,000 year-old Viking ship

Posted on August 16, 2013 Category: Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

The National Museum of Denmark recently introduced a special exhibition called "Viking" to show between June and November. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the wreck of a Viking warship that is over 120 feet long and once could have carried 100 Viking warriors. Museum curators believe that it was once the part of a royal fleet that was used as far back as 1025 AD.

When it came to lighting this valuable, delicate ship, museum lighting designer Hans Henrik Schmidt turned to an LED lighting system.

"This is the first such use of LED lighting in a museum in Denmark, and exhibition reviews that we've seen which mention the lighting have been overwhelmingly positive," Schmidt said.

With so many color temperature options, LED display lights are a natural choice for lighting museums of all kinds. They can be adjusted to bring out the colors that the original artists intended to show. And, most importantly, they produce far less UV than other lighting options, meaning they will not damage any artwork, including the 1,000 year-old Viking ship in the National Museum.

The museum's system even has an LED controller, so the lighting can be quickly and easily adjusted.