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LEDs can provide great aquarium lighting

Posted on August 15, 2013 Category: Retail & Display Design Articles

LED strip lights have thousands of different applications. They can be used to light a studio apartment or a world-class museum. They can be found at concerts, churches, construction sites, and even underwater.

Now, Oakville Reef Gallery, an aquarium supply store in Ontario, is using LEDs to light their fish tanks.

The store is using LED strip lighting that provides the aquariums with low-energy, customizable lights. Because they are RGB LED strips, the colors can be changed to give the tank light that mimics natural light. Set on a timer, the LEDs will mimic natural sunlight from dawn until dusk, and can even replicate the look of moonlight. The LED lights can also mimic the look of sunlight through the water and provide very little glare, providing observers with an enjoyable viewing experience. 

This will not only help the fish feel like they are swimming in natural light, but give your aquarium a great, dynamic look, whether it is in your home, office or place of business. And, because they are LED lights, they will be extremely energy efficient, allowing you to keep your energy costs down.