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LED under cabinet lighting benefits builders and designers

LED under cabinet lighting systems are new tools that can help cabinet designers and builders improve their newest projects. According to the Woodworking Network, consumers prefer the lights because they are more visually appealing than fluorescent and incandescent alternatives. The news source notes that cabinet builders and interior decorators should consider LED options to improve their portfolios to expand their businesses heading into the spring remodeling season. 

The linear and puck trends
Carpenters must follow popular trends if they want to find new clients this spring. The Woodworking Network reports that linear lighting has become extremely popular among homeowners. Cabinet builders and designers should use LED light bars to ensure that the light is evenly distributed. 

Additionally, LED puck lights are extremely beneficial for highlighting certain areas. For instance, homeowners may want to illuminate their cooking spaces, so builders should strategically place puck lights under cabinets to increase the brightness. Clients will appreciate the increased lighting throughout their kitchens. 

These LED options allow builders to design and construct cabinets without any assistance. The lights can easily be installed under any cabinet in a client's home so hiring an electrician to wire the system is unnecessary. 

Don't forget the interiors
Some builders neglect to install lights inside cabinets, leaving homeowners with darkened shelves. Clients are dissatisfied when cabinet makers neglect such an important part of a kitchen, so contractors must find solutions for the interiors as well as the exteriors. 

Puck lighting and LED bars can be used inside kitchen cabinets to increase brightness. Woodworkers can evenly space pucks to ensure that the entire cabinet is well-lit. Alternatively, there are angled bars carpenters can use to illuminate hard-to-reach areas like the far corners that aren't lit when cabinets are open. Both options are great for ensuring that homeowners can see inside their cabinets and are happy with their new shelves.