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LED Christmas lights meets 'Gangnam Style'

A house in Cedar Park, Texas is combining a traditional LED Christmas lights home decoration with the massively popular Korean pop song 'Gangnam Style,' according to KXAN. John Storms and his family only recently moved into the home in the Ranch of Brushy Creek subdivision, but opted to unpack the LED holiday lights and set up the elaborate song-and-lights show before unpacking anything else.

Ambitious LED Christmas lights shows are not a rarity for Storms and his family. According to CNet, Storms has long been a fan of intricate LED lights decorations and last year built a display that danced to the theme song from another pop culture behemoth, Angry Birds. This year, Storms chose the incredibly catchy hit song 'Gangnam Style, written and performed by Korean pop star Psy. The irreverent and ubiquitous music video for the song - first posted on YouTube this summer - has already accrued more than 805 million views and shattered all records for the website in the process.

Despite the intricacy of the LED lights display, Storms has assured visitors that it wasn't as nearly complicated to design as it looks. Additionally, he is also quick to point out the energy efficiency of the LED lights being used.

"All our lights we have are LED, so they just sip on electricity," Storms told the news source. "It'll only be $15 for the entire month of December. We have the notebook computer - a little dongle here - that connects the lights. Then we have a little obvious transmitter that connects us to the radio, just enough to reach the street."

The news source reports that the music can only be heard through an FM radio tuner, which will spare innocent bystanders who have grown sick of the song.