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LED string lights to kick off holiday shopping season

Posted on October 11, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

The city of Saline, Mich., has begun work to cover 87 trees with LED string lights.

According to the Saline Reporter, the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce's Keep Saline Aglow! tree lighting campaign has purchased 100 new LED string lights. With 50,000 total LEDs, the city will be able to illuminate trees on Michigan Avenue as well as North and South Ann Arbor Streets. After last year's holiday season, the lights were removed for repair, replacement and tree pruning. Now that Christmas is approaching, the city has purchased the energy efficient LEDs with generous donations from the community. 

"Our goal is to light as many of the 87 trees as possible by Nov. 1, when Saline's holiday shopping season begins," stated Art Trapp, director of the Saline Chamber of Commerce. "We're so grateful for the generosity of those who donated to the campaign during the Oktoberfest activities and the Acoustic Routes benefit concert."

Donations are still coming in to cover installation of the LED string lights. Community members who continue to make a contribution to Saline's holiday lighting will see their investment illuminating the streets for many Christmas seasons to come.

Long-lasting Christmas lighting
The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce will not have to look for new lighting donations for years.

The LED Christmas lights will not need a complete overhaul any time soon. A common problem with incandescent string lights is half of a strand burns out. LED string lights don't become useless decorations if one light goes out because each LED operates autonomously. They also have longer lives because the LEDs are encased in epoxy lenses rather than fragile glass.

The durability of Christmas LED lights guarantees that Saline community members won't be digging in their pockets every year to bring the Christmas spirit.