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LED lighting joining the Today Show

Posted on October 11, 2013 Category: Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

The Today Show has updated its set by adding moveable RGB LED pixel lights, according to Live Design.

Lighting designer Fred Bock designed the system for the show to provide the set with adaptable lighting.

"The moving lights are mostly used in the production area where big interviews, cooking demos and music performances take place," Bock stated. "They have to keep that space as flexible as possible to deal with all types of production in a small space."

On the Today Show, the hosts are moving between different areas of the set for each of the segments. RGB LED pixels are the multi-faceted lighting source required to quickly change the mood as the show progresses between topics and setups.

During the 2013 U.S. Tennis Open, Bock also worked on designing LED lighting for the ESPN booth. TVTechnology reports that the outdoor studio was completely illuminated by LEDs. One of the major concerns for the ESPN set was reducing heat exhaust. Given that the final tennis grand slam takes place in the summer, temperatures were high.

RGB pixels produce minor amounts of heat so that sportscasters at the U.S. Open and hosts on the Today Show can stay cool on camera.