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LED Christmas lights are a safer option

Posted on October 11, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

LED Christmas lights are safer than traditional incandescent mini bulbs.

According to Digital Journal, Christmas LED lights are less of a fire hazard because they do not produce as much heat as traditional rope lights. Christmas trees and some of their decorations are flammable. A tree that is covered with 50 to 100 incandescent bulbs as well as paper or cloth ornaments has a high risk of catching fire whereas a tree covered in LED rope lights stays cool throughout the holiday season.

LED string lights are also made with durable plastic so that they do not break when they are installed or stored. Glass incandescent Christmas lights shatter easily and can cause unnecessary cuts and scrapes.

Color changing LED Christmas lights are a versatile addition to any residential or commercial holiday lighting as they have a wide variety of shapes. There are C7, M5 and C9 options that have the visual appeal of incandescent bulbs without the wasted energy. The style options are endless to find the perfect fit for any Christmas lighting design.

A more affordable way to welcome St. Nick
At the University of St. Louis, LED Christmas lights were a cost-saving solution for the campus' holiday lighting needs.

A tree of lights was put together using 3,000 Christmas LED lights. The LEDs were less expensive than their old incandescent mini bulbs and they did not have to install additional circuits to meet high energy demands. During a 7-week period, the incandescent lights would have cost $764 to operate. With LED rope lights, the total cost of operation only totaled $99 for the same amount of time.

Given that LED string lights are more energy efficient and durable, they will light up any tree or building for many years without the need for replacements.