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LED Christmas lights are a more affordable alternative

Posted on October 4, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

LED Christmas lights are a cost-saving choice for cities to decorate their streets during the holiday season.

The city of Lincolnton, Ga. has proposed the use of LED string lights to supplement existing Christmas decorations while staying within a tight budget. Members of the Lincolnton Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, which hosts a parade and the Holidays in Olde Lincoln Towne Festival, proposed the use of LEDs because each bulb burns for 100,000 hours and they consume a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs.

They plan to pay a little over $7,230 for the lights and will immediately see a significant reduction in their energy costs by making the switch. Additionally, the LEDs will last for years so that replacements will not be needed for a long time.

Across the world in Australia, the Shire of Broome will be illuminating its iconic boab trees with Christmas LED lights. Community officials wanted an inexpensive, effective way to light up the streets, so they decided to wrap two of the trees with LED string lights.

LEDs provide brighter light while using less energy than traditional Christmas lights. Without a doubt, Lincolnton and the Shire of Broome will have amazing displays with low costs.