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Kohl's Department Stores undergo LED lighting upgrade

Kohl's Department Stores recently won the 2013 Sustained Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency because of the retail chain's commitment to going green. The corporation has recently reduced energy consumption in many of its outlets by taking measures such as installing LED lighting systems and solar panels. According to the company, "70 new and remodeled" branches have received new lighting systems. 

Kohl's efforts were not limited to those stores, however, as hundreds of others received a lighting upgrade. Approximately 300 stores received new showcase lighting for jewelry displays, and 600 branches were retrofitted with "screw-in LED lamps" to replace inefficient spotlights. John Worthington, Kohl's chief administrative officer, stated that his company has to be careful about its energy consumption and pollution. 

"As a major retailer with stores and corporate facilities nationwide, it is our responsibility to carefully manage our use of resources and strive to reduce our carbon footprint," Worthington said in a statement. 

The department store is not resting on its laurels and is still upgrading some of its outlets. According to the Keene Sentinel, Kohl's representatives are seeking a waiver so they can install exterior LED lights to illuminate the facade of a new branch in Keene, New Hampshire. The city currently bans "uplighting," a technique that involves installing lights in the ground and aiming them toward the top of a commercial facility. The restriction is in place to create safer driving conditions and reduce energy consumption. The news source points out that two restaurants also asked for uplighting waivers, but  ultimately chose to seek alternative methods. 

Kohl's commitment to energy efficiency should be an example to other retailers. Updating lighting to eco-friendly fixtures can help stores reduce pollution and energy consumption, which can help stores slash overhead expenses.