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Jewelry cases can shine brightly with LED showcase lighting

Jewelry cases should be some of the most beautiful displays in every store. Shimmering diamonds, glimmering silver and other showcase products should catch customers' eyes so they're tempted to admire rings, necklaces and bracelets. The correct lighting system can go a long way toward creating a stunning display and making every jewel sparkle. 

The key to finding the right fixtures for a jewelry display is understanding the ideal color temperature for every material. Generally, the ideal lights are cool (4,000 degrees Kelvin), soft daylight (5,000 degrees Kelvin) or daylight (6,500 degrees Kelvin) options.

There are LED showcase lighting models that allow stores to choose the perfect temperature. LED strip lighting can be a great choice for every case because it ensures that the illumination is evenly distributed and no merchandise is hidden by shadows. Every jewel will shine bright like a diamond so that customers can see the finest details before making their purchases.

JCK Magazine reports that silver and pearls are best viewed under 4,000-degree lights. Daylight fixtures are the ideal options for diamonds and platinum, but the news source notes that some jewelers prefer soft daylight.

However, lights below the 4,000-degree mark can work even better for certain items. According to JCK Magazine, some jewels appear more brilliant when they're displayed under warmer lighting models. For instance, yellow gold achieves optimal beauty when lit by soft white (3000 degrees Kelvin) fixtures. Gemstones also look best when placed under these light sources.

Stores can use LED puck lights & downlights to achieve this degree of lighting. The fixtures can be mounted into cabinets so they can shine brightly down on the jewels. The lights also help retailers reduce electricity consumption, especially when upgrading from inefficient models. Merchants can save 85 percent in energy costs by upgrading to pucks from incandescent fixtures.