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Intercontinental Miami celebrates $30 million renovation with LED Digital Canvas

The Intercontinental Miami recently celebrated the completion of its $30 million renovation and redesign with a 19-store Digital Canvas comprised of LED lights, according to Haute Living. The Digital Canvas' lights were switched on just in time for Art Basel Miami, a blend of local contemporary art and digital art technologies.

Hotel Chatter reports that actor Jeremy Piven had the honor of turning on the lights at the ambitious LED light show, which featured various orchestrated scenes on its two main facades. Some of the scenes include spelling out "Welcome to Miami" letter-by-letter set to a lava flow and a girl dancing.

The ambitious and glossy LED light facade is indicative of the hotel's extensive, colorful and creative renovations and redesigns. The hotel had set a goal of creating a more modern city feel, a target that was met with the installation of the Digital Canvas. Additionally, tennis player and designer Venus Williams was tasked with redesigning the hotel's suites.

"The inspiration for the suites was really Florida," Williams told E! Online. "I really wanted it to have an impact on the story so that way the guests could really feel connected to the hotel as well as the city."

The color schemes for the Royal Palm and Metropolis presidential suites are akin to the variety of colors that will be on display through the LED lighting on the Digital Canvas. According to the news source, the Royal Palm suite features mostly tropical oranges, yellows and whites. Meanwhile, the modern Metropolis suite features more subdued hues like gray and tan.