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Include LED lights in a Halloween wreath

A Halloween wreath can help homeowners attract trick-or-treaters. This decoration can be designed in a variety of ways, and people can even incorporate light strings into the wreath to make it glow.

LED glow ball strings could be a nice option to distinguish your Halloween wreath from others. Place the wreath on your front door and trick-or-treaters can see it shine bright with purple smooth globes.

These string types are available in purple, red, green, blue, white and multi-color. They are a diffused bulb so they glow a soft bold pastel color, and are a unique string for Halloween lights.

These LED light strings are very energy-efficient and are only 2.4 watts per string, which means that you can link up to 90 of them together on one outlet! LED glow ball strings use 98% less energy than incandescent light strings, and have a 100,000 hour bulb life so they will last many Halloweens to come.

They are also RoHs-compliant, which means that lead was not used to make these products. Lead-free lights have been growing in popularity in past years for homeowners looking to be green and safe for the holidays.

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It is the standard that protects the environment and people from materials known to be harmful, including lead. EnvironmentalLights.com offers a variety of options for lead-free lights, responding to the demands of safety-conscious consumers.

Additionally, with the variety of colors offered these LED glow ball strings are a great option for any holiday during the year. Switch out the lights on the wreath to green and red strings and you’ll have an eye-catching and festive decoration for Christmas. You'll be able to help people get in the mood for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and more with these versatile, cost-effective lights.