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How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Environmentalism has emerged as one of the most popular and important trends today, with consumers now realizing that the planet we all share together needs our help. This issue takes on an even bigger role during the holiday season, which can produce a great deal of byproducts that are harmful toward the environment. Excessive wrapping paper, crackling fireplaces and the illumination of Christmas  lights can all hurt the environment. Fortunately, is taking a stab at solving the latter issue by producing LED Christmas lights that use less energy and are made with less harmful substances than traditional Christmas lights.

One of the biggest advantages to LED Christmas lights is that these lights are tremendously efficient due to the low amount of energy and electricity required to power them. For users with lights that are typically on for long periods of time, this can be a tremendous boon. Additionally, ENERGY STAR notes that LED holiday lighting can reduce power consumption 90-90% over traditional incandescent lighting.

LED lights are a safe product for children, who will naturally be drawn to the colorful illuminations and want to touch them. According to Stacy Brown from, most of the company's LED Christmas lights are compliant under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, meaning that they don't include lead. has been a pioneer and industry leader in terms of promoting lead-free LED Christmas lights.

Finally, LED Christmas lights offer numerous advantages in terms of flexibility and creativity. According to Brown, because of the low power consumption larger installations can be completed without numerous extension cords because many strings are linkable up to 45 strings per outlet. Additionally, lighting effects such as chasing, blinking and flashing functions are available with a variety of LED-compatible controllers.