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How to grow algae with LED lighting

Posted on January 31, 2012 Category: Algae & Plant Growth Articles

Algae is not just the pond scum you have to fish out of your swim trunks when you take a dip in a lake on a hot summer day. The plant life is actually incredibly useful and can be found in pharmaceuticals and new renewable energy resources being developed by scientists in a variety of fields.

New research requires a plentiful supply of the plant, which led to numerous experiments on the best methods to grow it. Scientists have determined that algae grows stronger, healthier, faster and more plentiful under LED plant growth lights than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. However, only certain LED light bulbs produce the best results.

Red/blue light bars grow algae better than white or other colored LED bulbs due to the plant's light wavelength preferences. LED bulbs do not produce the heat required by the plant to stimulate growth, a traditional incandescent bulb may be used to balance out the heat to light wavelength ratio. Keep the incandescent light bulbs to a minimum so as not to create a lighting wavelength conflict for the algae.

Algae is a beneficial plant that may one day be the basis for a new cure or energy resource. Therefore, plant growth lights will play a vital role in its development.