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House Crashers and Environmental Lights beautify a basement

House Crashers and Environmental Lights recently worked together on another home improvement project. The House Crashers crew traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, to make a dark and dingy basement into a wine bar and relaxation space. The renovation highlights included two copper-topped bars, under-stair wine storage and steel wall panels.

The Do It Yourself (DIY) Network created a series similar to the hit show Yard Crashers, but it takes place inside. Josh Temple, the host and contractor of House Crashers, hunts for unexpected re-modelers and follows them home to help create the renovations of their dreams.

Temple is confident enough to demolish an entire room and reconstruct it from scratch. In episode "Cleveland Wine Bar Basement," the team focuses their renovation around the laser-cut steel wall panels surrounding the fireplace, lit up from behind with LED strip lighting provided by LED strip lighting was used for the installation because of its flexibility, high brightness and easy installation.

In addition to the wall treatment, the team also installed the same LED strip lights along the coved ceiling to create a space that is bright and inviting for guests. They chose "daylight white" strips, but there are many other color options available, including warm white, red, green, blue, amber and color-changing. provides sample kits for testing color in all types of environments.

The LED high intensity strip can be bent easily and transformed to fit around decorative elements, such as etched artwork in wood panels. If you aren't one of Josh Temple's "chosen ones," he isn't necessary for this equipment because installation is simple, and you can do it yourself. The strip comes with a high-adhesion stickyback that allows for the user to peel off the wax paper and stick the strip to a clean, dry surface.

To dim the lights along the ceiling and wall treatment, the House Crashers crew installed a Leviton magnetic dimmer and 240 Watt 12 VDC Dimming Power Supply. This system has been tested and recommended by the Environmental Lights team to ensure the proper voltage is provided for the LEDs and that they are not over exerted due to repeated excess current, which could cause damage to the LEDs and shorten the life of the system. and House Crashers can transform even the dingiest of rooms with their products and creativity.