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Glowing LEDs on Oxford Street this Christmas

Posted on October 11, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

Retailers lining London's Oxford Street pitched in to refurbish the strip's holiday lighting with LED Christmas lights.

According to Drapers, 300 retailers made donations to purchase 750,000 LEDs. With the holiday season quickly approaching, the street will be illuminated in a bright glow to welcome shoppers as they begin searching for Christmas gifts. The white lighting will cover one mile and be accompanied by 1778 bauble decorations.

This year's lighting ceremony expects a large turnout. Selfridges will host the event, and over 10,000 guests are expected. The actual lighting will be carried out by a notable pop star who has yet to be announced.

"We are proud to unveil these new Oxford Street Christmas lights which we hope will inspire and amaze shoppers more than ever before," said Sally Eden, director of communications at New West End Company. "The scheme should really help people feel the Christmas spirit."

Eden's hopes are not misplaced. White Christmas LED lights provide a clean glow to bring out the dynamic colors of merchandise on display in the store windows. Shoppers will enjoy the ambience of the holiday season and spot the perfect gifts for their loved ones.