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Furniture chain upgrades all stores to LED lighting

Rooms To Go recently announced that it has completed an upgrade to its lighting system. The furniture retailer converted all 115 of its outlets to LED lights after originally using halogen fixtures. Reducing energy consumption and overhead expenses were the primary motivations behind Rooms To Go's switch. 

Instead of 60-watt halogen lamps, all of the furniture stores will now use LED track lighting with 16 to 18-watt lamps. The new fixtures have a 25-degree angle, a 13 degree increase over the older models so that the store will be brighter despite having fewer lamps. Rooms To Go officials stated that each branch will have 10 percent fewer light sources, because of the larger angles. 

According to the company, it expects to recoup its initial investment in approximately a year, thanks to the budget-friendly nature of its new low cost lighting system. Officials noted that air conditioning bills will be lower every month because the new fixtures do not produce much heat. 

Rooms To Go isn't the only organization that stands to benefit from the upgrade. Yolanda Slade, project manager at CenterPoint Energy, stated that the reduced electricity consumption is a boon to the utility company. 

"The conversion to [efficient] LED lighting will provide lower energy consumption at the site, and less stress on the CenterPoint Energy electric grid, thereby, helping to avoid the building of additional power plants," Slade said in a statement. 

While Rooms To Go and its partners like CenterPoint Energy are excited about the lighting upgrade, they also hope it represents a universal shift. 

"Rooms To Go is proud to set a positive example for companies striving to be energy efficient and operationally effective," Rooms To Go CEO Jeffrey Seaman said. 

Retailers in every industry can benefit from converting their lighting to LED technology. According to the Retail Owners Institute, the best fixtures can highlight specific merchandise and help bolster sales.