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Fort Morgan Museum will install LED lights

Posted on April 3, 2013 Category: Retail & Display Design Articles

New LED lights will be installed in the Fort Morgan Museum as part of a massive renovation project. The Fort Morgan Times recently reported that museum officials highlighted the new electrical system which will allow the facility to use the eco-friendly fixtures. The new lights will be attached to a cable on the ceiling throughout many of the galleries. Andrew Dunehoo, the project manager for the exhibit's redesign, stated that the new system will allow museum officials to spotlight specific displays. 

"We can attach several lights across the wire and put them where they're wanted. The current lamps are 300 halogen flood lamps," Dunehoo said. 

He also answered questions about how the lights would affect certain pieces. Ron Pflug, who attended a showing of the renovations, asked if the fixtures would interfere with tall displays that reach the ceiling. Dunehoo said that the height of every piece was taken into account when designing the infrastructure. 

The lighting upgrade and electrical renovations cost over $45,000. According to the Fort Morgan Times, the city council gave the museum $42,000 to fund the project. Councilwoman Deb Forstedt told the news source that the Heritage Foundation Board of Directors covered the rest of the outstanding balance. Dunehoo estimates that the lights will pay for themselves in a few years. He notes that the electricity bills for the halogen fixtures are $3,000 per year, but the new LED lighting will only cost $106 per year. 

"It's a 96 percent savings in energy costs alone," Dunehoo said during his presentation. 

The new lights were chosen because they can protect artifacts in museum displays. LED technology produces brighter light than other fixtures without excessive heat so the temperatures will not damage any of the priceless pieces in the Fort Morgan Museum.