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Energy company in Washington State encourages customers to switch to LEDs

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are quality options for business operators and homeowners because they can help these people lower their electricity costs. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that a property owner can save $6 per year in electricity expenses with a single LED bulb, as this lighting unit uses less energy than conventional fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

In Washington State, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is promoting the advantages of LEDs with a marketing campaign. According to the Bellevue Reporter, the company is offering residential customers free LED bulbs on October 27 and 28, 2012.

"We are thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the opportunity to try LED lighting in their homes for free through our Rock the Bulb light bulb exchange event," Jason Van Nort, PSE's local government and community relations manager, told the news source.

LEDs typically produce less heat than many conventional options and are safe to use both indoors and outside. Additionally, LED lighting lasts longer than several other lighting choices, so property owners can enjoy less maintenance and more free time.

One of the most common reasons people appreciate LEDs is the variety of lighting options available with these bulbs.

For example, a property owner could equip every room in his or her home with LEDs to brighten up these areas with an energy-efficient option. LEDs help lower a property's energy consumption, and a business operator or homeowner who uses these bulbs may notice substantial savings over an extended period of time.

LEDs deliver a constant light output and a brightness that matches or exceeds that of numerous conventional lighting options. Start using these bulbs at your home or business today.