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Designers recommending LED lights for remodeled kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in almost every home. People cook, eat and entertain in their kitchens, making it a hub for almost all activities. While homeowners always remember important features like the paint and necessary cooking equipment, they sometimes forget about lighting, one of the most crucial factors.

Interior designers and decorators are now telling clients to focus on the light sources, and some are recommending LED lights as the best options in kitchens. For instance, Corey Turney, a designer, told San Antonio Express-News that he believes that consumers should use the eco-friendly technology for under cabinet lighting because it is cooler and more budget friendly than the alternatives. 

"Both the LED tape and LED fixtures are much cooler and do not produce the heat that xenon does and does not use as much energy as either fluorescent or xenon which, in the long run, will save you money on your electric bill," Turney said. 

These options allow homeowners to keep their entire kitchen bright. Cabinets form shadows over countertops, but tools like LED pucks and light bars ensure that every area is well-lit without running up a high energy bill. 

Jillian Harris, another decorator, believes that installing lights under cabinets enhances the visual appeal of a room. She told The Province that a popular trend is layered lighting, and that LED technology is perfect for the style because it is doesn't consume too much energy. 

"It adds to the layers of lighting available, and creates quite a modern feel. If you use LED bulbs, it uses hardly any energy," Harris said. 

LED lights are fast becoming some of the most popular options for illuminating a remodeled kitchen. Homeowners can easily install the lights in their own homes and instantly have a modern room without paying exorbitant bills.