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Decorate a fireplace mantle with LED Christmas lights

A fireplace mantle is frequently a centerpiece for a home's Christmas decorations. Many people place trinkets and stockings on this frame to help it become a focal point in a residence, and you can create an eye-catching mantle by using LED Christmas lights.

Incorporating a variety of decorations is a great way to improve a fireplace mantle's appearance. You can use real or fake evergreen garland, miniature trees, red candles and even tinsel to make a dazzling display.

LEDs add to your holiday decor by instantly brightening up a space. Choose small bulb shapes for delicate indoor decorations so they are easy to incorporate, such as mini conical wide angle LED lights.  They are only 0.2 inch in diameter and their lenses radiate light in all directions so they are very bright! Offered in standard string, as well as a variety of specialty strings like twinkle or multi-function for added effects.

With over 100 different types of mini conical strings to choose from at EnvironmentalLights.com, you can choose the lighting and colors that best fit your style. Since these LED strings are so energy efficient, you won’t have any limits to the amount of lights you can use. You can link up to 45 strings per outlet and you’ll be using only a fraction of the energy as traditional lights - up to 98 percent less energy!

While some people may worry about incorporating light strings with visible wires, these LED Christmas lights are available in green or white wire so they are easy to hide in decorations.

Additionally, LED pre-lit greenery is also available if you want something ready to hang in a window or on your front door. You can even include a red bow on your garland or wreath to help your home stand out.

Whether you're roasting chestnuts over an open fire or simply spending time with family and friends, a fireplace can serve as a meeting point for people during the holiday season. This year, make your fireplace mantle a dazzling display with LED Christmas lights.