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Create a custom light curtain to jazz up Halloween décor

If you're planning on holding a spooky, glittering Halloween ball to celebrate the holiday traditionally referred to as All Hollow's Eve, you may require technical support in the form of appropriate lighting. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) will provide you with the brilliant color you are looking for without breaking the bank because of high utility costs. The Versaline LED Light Curtain is a 3-channel LED light system that allows you to create a variety of large displays.

Set up a curtain of glowing, glittering lights on a main feature wall in a room that will be used for a holiday event. Halloween lighting ideas like this will advance the quality of the mystic atmosphere you will create for a celebration. Unlike other similar wall lighting units, the versaline unit allows you to create a light curtain using customized colored lights for a more unique look. Whether you want to create a green and white curtain or a purple and amber display this LED lighting unit is ideal.

By using the 6- and 12-foot motherliness to connect strings of lights together, you can easily create an impressive display. Available from, this holiday lighting unit is connectible, which allows the light curtain to extend as far as you need it to.

If you want to impress trick-or-treaters, consider hanging the light curtain over a window so that it can be seen from the outside of a house. Use a black curtain stained with blood or covered in cobwebs to make the LED Halloween lights stand out.