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Contemporary Jersey Shore Home Remodeled with Custom Wet Bar with Dramatic LED Strip Lighting

Quench Your Thirst with a Custom Wet Bar
One of the newest trends sweeping households all over the country is custom made wet bars.  Homeowners looking for a truly unique addition to their homes are choosing to go the custom route for the added value as well as the expression of their own personality.  Not only can it increase the value of your home, but it will also provide a one of a kind entertainment space for your guests.

Interior Designer Jessica Goudreau of East Side Interiors, recently remodeled a Jersey Shore condo in Long Branch with her team.  They added a contemporary custom wet bar – complete with LED lighting from

"We worked closely with the design and client to specify a custom bar using innovative materials and dramatic lighting," explained Goudreau.  "The bar can instantly become the focal point of the space with the adjustable lighting installed inside the bar and back shelving."

Create Atmosphere with LED Strip Lighting
The vision for the “glowing” bar was made possible with dimmable LED strip lighting. The team chose to specify High CRI LED Strip Light in very warm white (2,400° K) from because the color temperature and light quality was exactly what was needed to create a warm atmosphere in the space.

Color temperature is the degree of warmness or coolness of a light source, measured in kelvins (°K). Warm light is in the lower temperatures (2,400-3,000°K) and can appear yellowish, similar to a standard incandescent bulb. Cool light is in the higher temperatures (4,000-6,500°K) can appear more bluish.

"When the LED light strips are turned on it looks stunning day or night," said Goudreau. "The dimmable strips are concealed behind frosted glass panels, and were wired so they can be controlled separately as the ambiance and mood requires."

A high color rendering index (CRI) over 80 is not found in most LED strip. This type of high quality light provides even illumination of all colors of the spectrum, and is often requested by designers. also sells their High CRI LED Strip Light in warm white (2,700° K), neutral white (4,000° K), daylight white (6,500° K) and color tunable (adjust between very warm white to daylight white).

"Lighting is always on my mind from the beginning of a design, and I love giving my clients the flexibility to change the lighting at any time. I think for some designers lighting is an afterthought."

Download the Project Spotlight pdf for more pictures of the completed project.

About East Side Interiors
East Side Interiors provides exceptional design services throughout the New York area for residential and commercial properties. With a degree from Pratt Institute in Interior Design, and over a decade of high-end design experience Jessica Goudreau has completed modern and eclectic designs all around the world.