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Common outdoor Halloween decorating ideas

October is almost here! It's time to get ready to celebrate the spookiest of holidays. All across the United States, fans of Halloween are prepping their costumes, digging out the decorations and planning new ways to scare the pants off guests and trick-or-treaters.

Here are three common outdoor decorating ideas to consider:

1. Front yard graveyard. If you don't mind digging up portions of your lawn, you'll want to start crafting your own overgrown, creepy graveyard. You can construct gravestones carved with the names of famous serial killers or haunting sayings. Make sure to leave skeletal remains lying around the graves - perhaps even feature hands attempting to claw their way out of the earth. Add crows to the entire display for the final touch.

2. Haunted trees. Give the trees a haunted spirit by filling their branches with cobwebs that wave in the wind. Use Halloween lighting units like the conical wide angle icicle LED Christmas Light string to cast the branches in a spooky light. If you want to give your trees an extra touch of horror, consider using clay to give them faces stuck in haunted bark. On Halloween night, play creepy, creaking music to create an eerie atmosphere - whistling wind and agonizing moans work best.

3. Low-flying bats. Porches are an ideal place to create a spooky outdoor scene for Halloween. Use Halloween lighting to accentuate key areas while using fake, hanging bats to increase the creep factor. Try and have the fake bats fly out of an LED light curtain toward the front door or walk-way of a porch to startle guests and trick-or-treaters.