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College students use LEDs for stage lighting in upcoming theater production

Stage performers at McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas, are taking a shot in the dark with their new theater production. The actors and actresses will showcase their talents in Black Comedy, a one-act play by Peter Shaffer, in October 2012, and the play will get a boost from light-emitting diode (LED) stage lighting

"The show is reverse-lit," said Jd. Bowman, associate professor of theatre and director of the comedy. "When the stage lights are on, the characters in the play are in the dark, but when the stage lights are off, the characters in the play can see just fine."

Those who attend the student performances should immediately notice the benefits of LED lighting. The play begins with darkened stage lights, but a blackout occurs shortly thereafter and performers act under cover of darkness. Meanwhile, audience members can see a fully lighted stage.

The unique stage lighting effect that will be used in the McPherson College production is one of many that theater directors can create with LED stage lighting.

LEDs are versatile and deliver a constant output, which makes them ideal choices for many theater professionals. Additionally, these units deliver excellent color quality and brightness that is equal to or greater than a variety of existing lighting technologies.

For example, LED strip lights can help a theater director easily illuminate an entire stage or act as accent lighting for a particular prop. These lights are dimmable so they can be set to low or high brightness, which allows this professional to set the atmosphere for various scenes in a performance. High CRI LED strip lights feature 120 LEDs per meter for optimal brightness levels and greater color accuracy.

Use unique lighting effects to interact with audience members during a theater performance with LED stage lighting.