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Christmas tree for U.S. Capitol en route to D.C.

One of the most iconic sights in the nation's capital every holiday season is the majestic and awe-inspiring Christmas tree that lights up the area right outside the United States Capitol building. The 73-foot Spruce Christmas tree that was selected for this year's display recently began its 24-day journey from Colorado across the country, according to Environmental Protection.

As part of a new commitment toward environmental conscientiousness, the Capitol Christmas tree will be traveling aboard a Mack truck that uses a clean diesel engine, the news source reports. Knowing that the tree arrived via environmentally-friendly means could bolster visitor support and solidarity with the entire celebration.

"At the beginning it was a diesel-powered crane that placed the tree on the clean diesel truck that will transport it across the country using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel," Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, told the news source. "It's fitting that clean diesel technology has a major role in this holiday project as it does in the daily lives of all Americans."

Along with using Mack trucks that run on advanced clean diesel engines and release low emissions, the U.S. Forest Service undertook other steps to ensure environmental friendliness. According to the news source, diesel-powered backup generators will be used to provide power for the various ceremonies in communities along the truck's journey. Each of these ceremonies will help celebrate the truck's transport and the festive holiday season.

Once the truck has safely delivered the tree, organizers can begin decorating it. The news source reports that the decorations will include 5,000 ornaments made by Colorado school children. The rest of the tree could be filled out with LED Christmas lights, including pine cone lights and star-shaped lights. These LED holiday lights add to the environmentally-friendly effort by reducing energy costs by at least 75 percent compared to incandescent lighting, according to ENERGY STAR.