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CCSE takes to the road to promote clean energy

The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) is a non-profit organization committed to creating a clean energy future. They offer free workshops, incentive programs, special events and technical assistance for homeowners and contractors.

As a result of the increasing demand in California to reduce energy use and curb greenhouse gas emissions, the CCSE developed a comprehensive mobile demonstration unit. The Energy Outreach Trailer promotes a variety of energy saving ideas to consumers and contractors who are interested in the cause. The CCSE promotes their ideals through over 100 events over the year.

A partnership with ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader in propane autogas technology and Ferrellgas, a propane supplier, began an 18-month mobile exhibit program that highlighted residential energy efficiency and home improvements. The show kicked off on August 26 at a San Diego home, hot tub and landscape show. It was designed to educate and inspire the people of Southern California to learn about and implement energy-saving practices in home efficiency, solar technologies and alternative-fuel transportation. The CCSE Residential Energy Roadshow is under way on an 18-month demonstration at over 100 events through 2012.

"Thanks to generous donations from [our sponsors], hundreds of thousands of Californians will be able to learn about home energy efficiency, solar energy and the products and incentives available to them when visiting the mobile exhibit. This is a prefect example of how multiple clean technologies can work together to demonstrate energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote more sustainable practices," said Irene Stillings, CCSE executive director.

CCSE will take the trailer to community events throughout San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Environmental Lights is a proud supporter of the "whole house" approach to home energy efficiency for homeowners. The focus on complete energy saving systems for houses or buildings, rather than individual elements like air conditioners or windows, helps owners to see major results with their energy use.

Out of the 36 sponsors, Environmental Lights provided the High Brightness Under Cabinet light system in the trailer and dimmable LED strip lights for the accent cove lighting in the top of the trailer. These LED lights are not only easily installed, but they also use minimal power, saving consumers up to 85 percent on electricity costs. Dimming them is easy and inexpensive with power supplies and accessories like an inline touch dimmer used along with a "http://www.environmentallights.com/24-Volt-LED-Drivers-Dimming_C424.aspx">24 Volt DC Driver to power the system.