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Cabinet Design for Your Cabernets

The next time you find yourself pulling out a wine bottle from a crowded shelf or storage area, think about how nice it would be to have a custom wine cellar to display and protect your wine collection. Robb Scheele is just the craftsman to create that dream space for you, and his company, Vista Wine Cellars, has been designing custom wine cellars for over 6 years.

Whether you have a small space under your stairs or a large room or basement, a custom wine cellar can be built to fit your needs and also adds value to your home. It provides the proper environment to store your wines, in a cool, humidity-controlled space where your wines can age properly while also being a focal point to any room.

"Fluctuating temperatures, low humidity, and high lighting can be harmful to a wine collection," explains Robb Scheele, owner of Vista Wine Cellars. "A quality wine cellar should have the proper insulation and vapor barriers to eliminate the risk of mold and mildew, as well as be energy-efficient to save you from high energy bills."

Vista Wine Cellars

In a recent residential installation, Scheele and his team were asked to design transform what was once a closet in a living room, into a stunning glass-enclosed wine cabinet to hold 850 bottles.

"The homeowner really wanted to build a full wine cellar, but they didn’t have the space," said Scheele. "We were able to convert the closet area in their living room into a perfect wine cabinet space and compliment the contemporary design of their home."

One of the most important questions to ask before designing the space is what type of wines are in the collection, and if there are special bottles like magnums, double magnums, jeroboams or imperial sizes.

"We always build to the collection," said Scheele. "Pinot and Shiraz bottles are larger format than Merlots, and a lot of people have Champagne collections or special magnum bottles they want to highlight in their display."

Building to the Collection

Utilizing this knowledge of the collection, Vista Wine Cellars designed the cabinets to have display shelves in the cabinet to feature these special bottles.  Lighting and label-forward, angled racking were installed to highlight and easily display the names of these wines. Using warm white LED strip lights  from EnvironmentalLights.com, they were able to create a custom lighting system to fit the cabinet design.

LED strip lights are sold in reels of 5 meters (16.4 feet) and are cuttable in increments of 50 mm (1.97 inches), so they are perfect for custom designs. Strip lighting is available in a variety of white color temperatures, such as very warm white (2,400°K), warm white (2,700°K), neutral white (4,000°K) and daylight white (6,500°K). 

Color tunable strip lighting  is also available from EnvironmentalLights.com, which is another great option for design.  The adjustable ribbon light lets the user to change the color temperature of white (between 2,400-6,500°K) with a wireless remote, allowing them to pick a color to fit their needs and change at any time. Warm white colors replicate the yellowish tones of traditional incandescent lights found in most homes, and neutral white or daylight white colors are brighter whites and can appear slightly bluish.

"LED strip lighting is great for these types of designs because it is flexible, thin and very bright for the little amount of power required," explained Scheele. "We were able to easily line each of the doors and display shelves with the lighting, and connect it all with a multi-switch lighting system that allows the homeowner to turn on different sections of the cabinet to create accent lighting in their home."

Before constructing the final wine cellar in the home, Vista Wine Cellars creates a 3D rendering of the design and builds the cabinet in their shop. They lay a footprint of the wine cellar on the floor and build to fit those exact dimensions. From there they will transfer and reconstruct the wine cabinet on site in just a couple of days, with a fully working split refrigeration system and lighting.

Design your dream wine display with Vista Wine Cellars and EnvironmentalLights.com. For more information visit www.vistawinecellars.com and www.environmentallights.com.