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Bringing the community together with holiday lighting

Posted on October 14, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

Residents of Columbia, Tenn., want to bring the community together through a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Fundraising has begun to put a 12 or 13-foot tree complete with white LED Christmas lights, red ribbons and large ornaments on the Maury County courthouse lawn. Over a decade ago, two figures of Santa and a snowman occupied the space during the holiday season. Since they lost their luster, the space in Columbia Square has been vacant. Citizens still have a warm spot for the snowman, and resident Corinne Wells is spearheading efforts to raise money for the new display to replace the old decorations.

"We have a beautiful downtown, and I thought it deserved at Christmas time a beautiful tree," Wells told the Columbia Daily Herald.

Tree lighting ceremonies are a popular attraction to kick off the holiday season. Many cities are seeking community donations to make LED string lights part of their trees' decorations because LEDs provide better value for a tight budget. They are energy efficient and provide brighter light. Wells hopes that the lighting ceremony will be an annual event. The LED lights will be around for years and replace the snowman as the most memorable part of the Columbia holiday decorations.