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Briarwood Mall chooses LED lighting for upgrade

The Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Michigan is about to undergo an extensive upgrade and will receive new LED lights during the project. The retrofit is meant to bolster energy efficiency and help the shopping center drastically slash its operating costs.

According to the Ann Arbor Journal, the mall will reduce its electricity consumption by 322,496 kilowatt hours per year once the upgrade is complete, which is equivalent to 529 barrels of oil. All interior and exterior lights will be replaced with the energy-efficient alternatives by October 2013. Diane Keller, president of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber, believes that such an extensive upgrade would not have been possible without the new technology. 

"[Briarwood's owners] are really looking forward to maintaining a certain level of style and energy. I just think technology, especially with the LED lighting, is now letting us make these renovations," Keller said, according to the news source. 

Upgrading the lighting in the shopping center will have many benefits beyond decreasing energy consumption. The Ann Arbor Journal points out that many new construction jobs will be created to complete the installation of the new fixtures and other eco-friendly tools. Officials have not stated how many new positions will be available, but that crew members will work while the mall remains open. 

Additionally, the new lights should help Briarwood attract and retain customers. The exterior lights could draw shoppers to the mall and the interior fixtures will improve the overall consumer experience. Well-lit shopping centers generally keep patrons for longer than darkened stores. 

Briarwood Mall is just the latest commercial facility in Ann Arbor that is going green. According to, car dealerships and municipal buildings in the city have earned LEED certification by focusing on eco-friendly practices and installing new equipment. Mall will also update its ventilation system to further reduce energy usage.