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Bathroom lighting can be stylish, efficient

Bathrooms serve as an escape and the perfect place to relax after a stressful day. When it comes to the bathroom, the proper lighting can really set the mood.

The task lighting in the room must fulfill a homeowner's lighting needs, but they must also work to complement the room with fixtures such as accent lighting. This type of lighting solution can soften the room's ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere, however, it can also be energy efficient and eco-friendly. 

No matter the size of the bathroom, lighting can always work to improve the look of the room. 

"Task lighting must be bright enough to do its job, but also work well with indirect accent lighting to soften the room's ambiance and provide a warm glow," according to the American Lighting Association. "Decorative and ornate light fixtures and lamps provide elegance and sophistication." 

Decorative wall fixtures on each side of a small mirror can provide an even and shadow-free facial illumination, making it easier to see while doing daily grooming, the article stated. Horizontal vanity lights are also good for larger mirrors and a dimmer can be a beneficial addition.

Recessed downlights are good for wet areas such as the shower and tub. They also serve as a good fixture for reading while relaxing in the tub or shaving and cleaning while standing in the shower. Accent lighting and even LED track lights from the outside of the tub is also another way to add drama to the room and create the feel of relaxation.

One of the best options when choosing new fixtures for the bathroom is under cabinet lighting. According to the lighting association, lighting for under cabinets can make trips to the bathroom during the nighttime hours easier and safer. Consider installing a linear lighting or LED system underneath vanities and cabinets. An occupancy sensor can also come in handy for saving energy when homeowners don't want to leave lights on during the night.