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Baseball stadium to receive LED-lit sculpture

Posted on April 3, 2013 Category: Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

A minor league baseball team and city planning commission in Oregon recently contracted a local sculptor to design an artistic display for a stadium. The Oregonian reports that Devin Laurence Field, an artist, was chosen by the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council to create a work of art for a new baseball stadium that was built for the Hillsboro Hops. The artist designed a structure called the "Barometer" which features color-changing LED lights. The lighting is sound activated so it will respond to noise levels in the park. The louder the cheering fans, the brighter the light.

Field's design is as large as it is breathtaking. According to the news source, the structure will be over 15 feet tall upon completion and rest atop three pillars. The piece will be modeled after a baseball diamond, and the shapes of bats and balls will be cut out of the exterior. The LED lights will adorn the exterior of the structure. Field's unique vision helped him win the job over other artists from Oregon.

"We like the way he approaches each project, trying to take the specific identity of location and integrate this into the theme of the design," Valerie Otani, the cultural arts program supervisor for the HACC, said.

In total, "Barometer" will cost approximately $50,000 to build. To keep expenses relatively low for Hillsboro, Field waived his fee and stated that he'd rather see the money used to fund the project. Laura and Mike McMurray, owners of the Hillsboro Hops, donated $10,000 to pay for the programmable lights. Laura McMurray said that she was motivated by the artist's generosity.

"We were so impressed by Devin's donation of his artist fee and also with such a spectacular design that we wanted every component he envisioned to be included," she said, according to the Hillsboro Tribune.

"Barometer" is expected to be installed in June and should be a major attraction. The LED light sculpture will give fans a unique experience while they cheer for the Hops.