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Alameda installs LED holiday lights at City Hall

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) and Alameda Recreation and Parks Department recently collaborated to decorate Alameda City Hall with LED holiday lights, according to the Alameda Sun. In a bid to make the holiday season more environmentally friendly, officials at both AMP and the Recreation and Parks Department opted for numerous energy efficient methods.

These eco-friendly strategies include stringing up City Hall's walls with LED Christmas lights. According to the news source, these LED lights will use approximately 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent holiday lights. Additionally, the city will be able to keep them up and on for a longer period of time without accruing additional costs, as the LED lights last 10 times longer. Finally, the energy used to power the lights is 100 percent renewable energy, derived from a variety of wind and solar sources.

"AMP is proud to launch a green holiday tradition by supplying City Hall with holiday LED lights 100 percent powered by green energy," Girish Balachandran, AMP's general manager, told the news source. "This is a festive opportunity for our community to highlight its commitment to energy efficiency and its support for green power."

Along with using less energy and lasting longer, one key asset of LED holiday lights is that they produce very little heat, according to ENERGY STAR. This makes them an ideal choice for the holiday season, whose decorations typically draw hordes of families and children. The LED lights are safe for children to touch and play with up close.

According to the news source, AMP will be helping offset the electricity used for the holiday display through a unique program. The Alameda Green program allocates Green-e Energy certified renewable energy credits (RECs).