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3 Unique Channel Systems for LEDs

Posted on June 27, 2013 Category: Interior Lighting Design Articles

LED channel can be used to create custom light fixtures for architectural and interior decoration.The channel systems come in a variety of widths, shapes, and heights to create the perfect look for your project.

Stairway Lighting: CS047 LED Channel System:
This lighting system offers a sleek way to light any staircase. The LED Strip Light is simply inserted into the channel, and it will provide a stair tread while shining at a 45 degree angle. This illuminates the next step for visibility without disturbing the ambiance of a room. Whether it is at a restaurant, movie theater or your home basement stairs, using LEDs to illuminate the staircase will ensure the safety of your guest by providing both a secure tread and a light to see where their next step will be. These systems come in four foot segments - meaning they are ADA compliant - and can be trimmed to fit any step. A white light can be used for a classic look, or match the mood of the room using a colorful RGB strip light. The frosted LED diffuser included in the channel system protects the lights softens the lighting effect.

Closet Lighting: CS046 LED Channel System:
There are few places in the home that require an update to the lighting system more than a closet. A single bulb swinging on a chain just isn't giving you the visibility that you require when rummaging through your belongings. An LED channel system can be mounted anywhere inside of the closet or other small space to illuminate the area. The best part of this particular aluminum channel is that it can replace your existing closet rod so you can shine light directly onto your clothing. Just place an LED strip inside, mount the rod in your closet and it will support up to 5 kilograms per meter. The channel system is also ideal for pantries or other places that you may need to hang items. This included LED diffuser provides soft light, as well as protection to your LED lighting.

Sconce Lighting: CS021 LED Channel System:
This lighting system can provide you with beautiful up or down lighting as a sconce fixture. LED lights are placed in the main groove of the channel, mounted on the wall and it will provide accent lighting for any space. Choose between the included frosted diffuser for soft light, and the focusing lens included in the CS022 LED Channel system.