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LED Drivers

Dimming your modular lights is easy and inexpensive with the compatible dimmers designed specifically for this lighting system. For easy plug-and-play installation, we recommend using the UL-listed 36 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply for Modular Under Cabinet lights, along with the compatible dimming accessories. The male output from the 36 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply can be plugged directly into the input on any of the Modular lights; or into a 4- or 8-way splitter. You can also select a 48, 96 or 288 watt 24 Volt DC Dimming Power Supply for a fully scalable solution that can be used to customize larger installations in retail stores and other locations.

Purchasing Tips

Create a custom LED lighting solution with these components:

*All pieces sold separately so don't forget to purchase necessary parts.

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