LED Under Cabinet Light Bars

Environmental Lights' High Brightness Premium under cabinet light bars feature a Color Rendering Index of 80+, locking connectors and are 15% brighter than our previous under cabinet lighting LED series. We're setting a new standard for excellent value in LED under cabinet lights with high brightness, natural color, flawless dimming performance and useful accessories including clips, diffusers and interconnect items. Order a Soft & Neutral White Combo Sample Kit to see which color of what you prefer in your space before your installation.

We also feature a new inline touch dimmer for simple control of your LED light bars. Compare our prices against other LED under cabinet lighting, and you'll know why our premium under cabinet lighting is so popular!

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EnvironmentalLights High Brightness Premium LED Under Cabinet Lighting



LED Under Cabinet Light Bars

Light Color
  1. Neutral White (7)
  2. Soft and Neutral White (1)
  3. Soft White (7)
  1. Clip (2)
Number of LEDs
  1. 12 (5)
  2. 24 (2)
  3. 3 (2)
  4. 36 (2)
  5. 48 (2)
  6. 6 (2)
Color Rendering Index
  1. 80 (15)
Color Temperature
  1. 3,000 and 4,000°K (1)
  2. 3,000°K (7)
  3. 4,000°K (7)

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19 Items

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