Direct DMX LED Lights

Here are the Direct DMX LED strips and modules you need to make a simple system capable of innovative and exciting lighting animation. Just add connectors and a DMX controller! If you have any questions about creating a DMX pixel control LED project, please call 888-880-1880 or email us to get detailed product information from highly-trained technical specialists.

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Direct DMX LED Lighting



Direct DMX LED Lights

  1. Direct DMX LED Lights
  2. Direct DMX Light Accessories


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Input Voltage
  1. 12 DC (4)
  2. 24 DC (1)
Light Color
  1. Red, Green, Blue (5)
Strip Width
  1. 12 mm (1)
  2. 14 mm (1)
  1. Pixel (5)
Number of LEDs
  1. 1/module (1)
  2. 12/module (1)
  3. 3/module (1)
  4. 32/meter (2)
  1. EnvironmentalLights (5)

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Set Descending Direction
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