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EXIT Sign Retrofit Kits

Retrofit your exit signs for safety with LED exit sign light bulbs from Environmental Lights. We carry the LED exit sign light bulbs in a variety of sizes: white LED Exit light bulbs, red LED Exit light bulbs and replacement modules, with battery backup. The red and white LED EXIT sign light bulbs come with adapters to fit candelabra, intermediate or bayonet bases.

Along with LED exit light bulbs, we have retrofit kits with internal drivers and battery backups. The LED EXIT sign retrofit kits made by Radionic meet Chicago, New York and other municipal codes, are UL-924 approved, and may also be eligible for various incentives including LEED points and Utility Rebates (ComEd and ConEd). Our compatibility list can help you determine which one you should buy to fit your EXIT sign.

If you need technical advice or additional information, give us a call at (888) 880-1880. Retrofit your exit signs today and rely on the long life and energy efficiency that only LED lighting can offer!

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