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Strings with Replaceable LED Bulbs

Celebrate your creativity this holiday season with our LED Christmas light strings with replaceable bulbs, which allow you to change the order or mix of bulb colors for your display! The three-piece construction allows you to easily remove the bulbs so you can change the order and make custom color combinations. Simply unscrew the bulb cap and swap LEDs.

Our mini and strawberry-shaped string lights feature a multi-color selection of bulbs (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) and each set comes with two spare fuses and two spare bulbs. LED string light bulbs from EnvironmentalLights are RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and lead was not used to make these products.



Purchasing Tips

Mix & match colors and bulbs with these light strings!

Color-Rite strings with replaceable bulbs give you the ability to customize your holiday displays. Choose your favorite bulb type and start designing today.

     >  Easily remove bulbs with 3-piece construction
     Variety of bulb shapes – NEW C3 and mini M3mm
     Multi-colored strings are color balanced for each bulb color
     RoHS compliant; lead not used to make these products


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