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LED Snowfall Lights

Enjoy the shimmering effect of LED snowfall lights on trees, rooflines, fireplace mantles, and just about anywhere indoor or out where you want to create a spectacular display! Brilliant LED lights in a variety of colors strobe downward with random timing, reminiscent of the magical scene of gently falling snow. We also offer mini snowfall lights and snowfall ornaments.

Our 5XXXX series falling snow lights feature visible LEDs on both side of the tube and come in a variety of colors and in 12-, 24- and 36-inch lengths. The tube requires no adapter—just an inexpensive power cord to connect to 120 volts AC. You can link up to 30 tubes on one power cord.


Purchasing Tips

Snowfall Lights create a spectacular effect, indoors or out!

The lights strobe downward simulating falling snow or rain, creating an amazing visual effect when grouped together hanging in trees or other display areas.

     >  Lights automatically randomize to create a stunning effect
     LEDs are visible from both sides of the tube
     Black wires to help hide in trees better
     Link up to 30 tubes on one power cord


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