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LED Icicle Strings and Lights

Winter nights will come alive with our magical LED icicle Christmas strings in a full array of colors and lengths, available on white, green or black wire. These dazzling icicle lights are perfect for decorating fences, railings and roof lines. We also feature elegant LED Christmas icicle bulbs and single and double-sided snowfall light tubes, as well as light tube accessories including splitters and spacers.

LED icicle Christmas lights from EnvironmentalLights use up to 98% less energy than incandescent light strings and have up to 100,000 hours of bulb life! The brilliant illumination and money saving features of our LED Christmas lights make them a great choice for many years of holiday celebration.



Purchasing Tips

How many LED light strings can I link in a row?

    1. UL's Standard: 216 watts max power per outlet.

    2. Quick Reference:  View the Specifications Tab for a product
         to see the "Linkable" number.

    3. Calculate it Yourself!  Divide 216 by the watts per string to
         get the maximum number of strings you can link.


          Example: A string uses 2.4 watts. 
                            216 / 2.4 = 90 strings maximum linkable


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