LED Halloween Outdoor Lights

Create spooky Halloween decorations for visiting trick-or-treaters or a Halloween party with LED light strings and icicles from EnvironmentalLights. Choose from a variety of bulb shapes and sizes to fit your needs–all available in the purple, orange and green Halloween colors you’re looking for!

Our black wire outdoor LED string lights and icicle lights are available in green, purple and orange. You can even choose black wire multi-colored strings with Orange/Purple or Green/Purple to enhance your backyard decorations.

We also have a great selection of LED black light, including UV LED Strip Lights and Waterproof UV LED Strip Lights to make white and bright pastel colors flouresce (glow.)

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Input Voltage
  1. 120 AC (1)
Light Color
  1. Color Changing (1)
Bulb Shape
  1. G30, G40, G50 (1)
  1. Light String (1)
Number of LEDs
  1. 25 (1)
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  1. 20 Strings (2)
  2. 22 nets (2)
  3. 10 strings (1)
  4. 30 strings (13)
  5. 45 strings (12)
  6. 58 strings (11)
  7. 72 strings (1)
  8. 90 strings (3)
  1. Green Wire (1)
  1. Apex Chance (1)

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