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LED 3 Channel Chasing Lights

You wanted chasing light strings that were linkable in long lines, so we’ve developed a super-deluxe multi-channel LED Christmas light system that does exactly that! Our Versaline 3-Channel Chasing LED Christmas Light system allows you to connect a variety of light strings, icicle strings, meteor shower strings, 3-dimensional motif decorations and net lights into a stunning display of flashing lights.

We offer versatile multi-function controllers that can be used with the full complement of Versaline LED Christmas lights we offer, including strings, net lights, icicle strings, motif lights and crab strings. Read all about Versaline here. Our 3-Channel Chasing LED Christmas Light systems are RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and lead was not used to make these products.

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