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LED Christmas Lights

Enjoy the sparkle and colorful glow of your Christmas lights for years to come with long-lasting LED Christmas lights. Our LED Christmas lights feature a lively brightness and are also very energy efficient, which means you’ll save about 90% on electricity costs versus traditional lights! To save even more, discover our Christmas Light Large Order Discount Program.

EnvironmentalLights carries all of your favorite Christmas lighting styles with the intensity and efficiency of modern LEDs. Shop our collection of LED Christmas light strings, net lights, curtain lights, icicles, chasing and blinking lights, snowfall tubes—even LED Christmas lights for your car and boat! Enjoy the comforting glow of our soft white LED Christmas lights, and don’t forget to welcome holiday guests with our pre-lit Christmas greenery.



Purchasing Tips

Questions to consider when buying Christmas Lights:

    1. Will they be used indoors or outdoors?

    2. Do you want a solid color or lights with effects?

    3. How many feet of lights do you need?

    4. Do you need clips to hang the lights?


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