RGB ColorChase LED Strip Lights

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

One of the newest LED technologies released in the LED market is chasing strip light. Designed with integrated chips (IC) to control the LEDs, each LED is able to light in a timed sequence to produce beautiful chasing effects in RGB colors. 

CMRC: Over 80 Chasing Effects

When interfaced with the Chasing Micro Remote Controller (CMRC), the RGB ColorChase LED strip lights are easy to control and customize.

Choose from over 80 pre-programmed chasing effects! Change the pattern segment length and speed to find the effect to suit your needs.

  • Create runs up to 12.5 meters (2.5 reels) per output
  • Two output ports for synchronizing strips in parallel
  • Speed can be adjusted from 1 (fastest) to 100 (slowest)

Individual Pixel Control

Customize the chasing effects by adjusting the pattern segment length
(IC Number). An IC is an Integrated Chip. Each chip controls 2 LEDs on the strip — allowing for complete control.

Pattern segment length can be adjusted from 16 (32 LEDs = 1 meter) to
255 (510 LEDs = approx 16 meters).

Flexible & Easy to Use

In addition to being flexible and easy to control, our 12 mm wide RGB ColorChase strip light is also cuttable in segments of 2 LED nodes, or
2.46 in (62.5 mm).

  • Waterproof option also available
  • Sold by the foot or reel (5 m / 16.4 ft)
  • High-adhesion stickyback for quick application

This is a fantastic product used for studio, architectural and decorative purposes — an easy solution for any project that requires a full color chasing LED control system!

Documents & News

RGB ColorChase Brochure

Chasing Micro Remote Controller Manual


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