480 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply with PFC

480 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply with PFC 480 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply with PFC
Product No.: SP-480-24

Specifications (Read More)

Power (Watts) 480
Input Voltage 85-264 VAC or 120-370 VDC
Output Voltage 24 DC
Length (English) 11.75 in
Length (Metric) 298 mm
Drivers Price Per Driver
1 - 2 $177.00
3 - 5 $174.50
6+ $173.00
Product Features
Sold while supplies last and all sales are final.

  • 480 watts maximum output.
  • 24 volts DC output, with fine-tune adjustment screw. (Constant voltage.)
  • 20 amp maximum output.
  • Built-in active Power Factor Correction (PFC): PF>0.95.
  • Working temperature: -20 to +60°C.
  • Touch-guard screw terminals.
  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage.
  • Overload protection type: hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed.
  • Full load burn-in tested.
  • Built-in electromagnetic impulse filter.
  • Low ripple noise.
  • Universal, auto-sensing: accepts 85-264 VAC or 120-370 VDC input without adjustment.
  • No minimum load and no load balancing required.
  • Proven reliability and rugged housing.
  • No cord included.
  • UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1 approved.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Optional mounting kit is available.
  • Do not use a dimmer on the primary side.
  • Remote Control feature: it’s easy enough to turn your driver off by using a switch to interrupt the input current; however, this driver offers a remote control function, which allows you to turn the driver on or off using a separate switch. The advantage of doing this is that the switch does not need to carry the entire current used by the driver, so the switch can be smaller and use smaller wire than if it were used to interrupt the line current to the driver.
  • Voltage Compensation feature: voltage compensation means that you can feed back the voltage from your system to the driver and it will raise the created voltage to compensate for any voltage drop it senses on the signal you provide to the S terminals. The power supply can provide up to 1 extra volt at the output terminals. If you lose more than 1 volt due to line resistance between the power supply and the load, do not use the voltage compensation or the power supply will enter overload (hiccup) mode. To use voltage compensation, remove the jumpers from the voltage compensation terminals and connect them to the load in order to compensate for line resistance over a long distance. WARNING: You must connect the voltage compensation to your line in front of the first LEDs. Otherwise, the driver will raise the voltage over 12 or 24 volts and damage the LEDs.
Most of the SP supplies have fans and are not recommended for applications where silence is required. Also, we don't recommend SP supplies to be used with pulse dimmers. The SP supplies are likely to make a whining noise on certain LED strip lights. Use the HLG-XXXH waterproof supplies, which are quiet because they are filled with waterproof potting epoxy, which dampens the sound. The HLG series is more expensive than the SP series, but much quieter.
Height (English) 1.71 in
Height (Metric) 43 mm
Input Voltage 85-264 VAC or 120-370 VDC
Length (English) 11.75 in
Length (Metric) 298 mm
Manufacturer Mean Well
Output Voltage 24 DC
Power (Watts) 480
Rating UL Recognized QQGQ, CE
Warranty 3 years
Width (English) 5.01 in
Width (Metric) 127 mm
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